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Sestra Swimwear "cheat sheet"


Our belief that "every woman's body is unique" and desire to have the option of mixing and matching swimwear based on your own size are not just mere concepts or marketing catchphrases; these are embedded into our DNA from the experiences of Maxine (Max) and Maureen (Mau), sisters, Sestra Swimwear founders, and more importantly, owners of different body types.

Mau, who is into track and field, is a natural athlete with an athletic and more sculpted body. She really could just wear anything and get away with it but to flatter her body type, we suggest Elin or Binx as the former's deep v-neckline draws the eyes away from her square shoulders while Bink's ruffles help soften her athletic figure.

Elin and Binx are also perfect for women with small chests as Bink's ruffles and both swim wear's extra padding give the illusion of a larger chest.

For Max, who just recently gave birth in early 2017 and is naturally curvier than little sister Mau, a full set of Tori or Olympia is her best option. Olympia, with its high-waist bottom, gives enough coverage to hide unwanted love handles and adequate support to ample backsides.

Tori and Olympia tops/full sets were also designed so that large-chested women get all the support they need on top; never revealing too much while drawing the eyes and attention away from the upper torso.

Our fifth product, Kaia, a one-piece swim wear, is perfect for women with broad shoulders as the high-neck, halter top "helps create the look of an hourglass figure, thus evening out a boxy upper body." Olympia is also a solid choice for women with broad shoulders.

The skimpier cuts of our Tori and Elin is our recommendation for women with short torsos. The trick is to try to elongate a short torso by adding length and lifting the bustline. Both swimwear have high tops and low-rise bottoms that help draw attention away from short mid-sections.

Tori's string bikini bottom and Bink's high-cut bottom help address the problem of having short legs, helping women who are vertically-challenged look taller in the water or on the beach.